Cure Warts With Tea Tree Oil?

It certainly is possible.

This is a good thing, seeing as warts are small growths on the surface of the skin caused by the HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus).

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They can occur pretty much anywhere on the human body and are generally contagious. So care should be taken not to infect others.

They can also be located on your genitals, but they originate from another strand of HPV and can also be located on the cervix, which can lead to cancer.

If you do have genital warts , it would be important to consult your doctor

There are several ways of eliminating these growths but one of the most natural and safe ways would be with the use of tea tree oil.

I've personally tried Compound W. It works. Really, it does. But it left me with a gaping hole in my thumb...a - really - sensitive - gaping - hole!

warts , hole, removed

Treatment using tea tree oil...

consists of applying a small amount of TTO several times a day to the affected area. You can either cover the area or leave it as is. The TTO is quickly absorbed and immediately begins to attack the virus.

I would personally suggest you cover it up to avoid infecting others, or yourself in another part of your body.

After reading more about this on the web, I would probably apply duct tape after applying the TTO. Duct tape alone seems to have some success. The theory is that the duct tape irritates the growth and stimulates an immune response.

One of TTO key properties is that it penetrates deeply beneath the skins surface, thus attacking the affected area at its core.

You should quickly see a reduction in size (within a few days) of the growth and eventually it will disappear.Depending on the size, it can take up to a few weeks.

I actually got to try it out the other day.

I noticed I had a small growth in between two toes . Upon closer inspection I realized it was a wart!

I had not had one in years!

So I dabbed some on every morning and every night and it gradually disappeared…it took less than a week.

I was impressed at the speed of the healing process. Granted I started treatment in the beginning stages, but TTO will work just as well at any stage.

Faster Option

While tea tree oil works really well, it has limitations. Some large warts or clusters have taken quite a while to start healing. If you'd like a fast and safe method for removing warts that is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee (much longer than it should take to cure your warts - so no risk) then Click Here!

If you do attempt the experience with the genital variety, It would still be important to consult a doctor due to the risks of it having migrated to the cervix and any associated cancer risks.

notice I've mentioned this twice...that means it's really case of cancer.

To avoid infecting others a few good tips I could give you are:

  • No sex (if genital only!)

  • Be careful and cover up the wart as to avoid touching others or other parts of your body. (apply a small piece of duct tape after applying TTO!)

  • Make sure, if it’s a plantar, to always wear something on your feet (People can pick it up from the floor)


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