Vaginitis is not a Yeast Infection!

Often we mistake a vaginitis for a yeast infection, when really; a yeast infection is one of several types of vulvovaginitis.

A vaginitis is basically an inflammation of the vaginal mucous. It is usually associated to either an irritation or an infection of the vulva.

The types of infections are:

  • Bacterial Vaginosis, which is caused by the Gardnerella bacteria.
  • Candidiasis, which is caused by the Candida albicans fungus.

  • Trichomoniasis, which is caused by the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis.

There are other forms of infections, but they are much less common. They are caused by chlamydia, herpes, campylobacter, parasites, mycoplasma and gonorrhoea.

Causes of irritations can vary, and can be caused by allergic reaction or sensitivity to certain products.

The most common causes are: Allergies to condoms, spermicides, soaps, perfumes, douches, lubricants and semen.

It can also be caused by hot tubs, abrasion, tissue, certain fibres, tampons or topical medications.

Once a vulvovaginitis has been detected, there are a few things that should be done.

  • Start drinking LOTS of water and 100% Cranberry Juice (not cocktail) Urinating often will help wash out the bacteria and the acidity in the cranberry juice will help as well.

  • Wear only loose fitting pants or dresses and skirts.

  • Avoid scented soaps (If at all possible use a tea tree oil soap)

Use a tea tree oil douche

  • 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil

  • 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol

  • Mix together.
    Add the mixture to a clean dropper bottle (the mixture should be whitish), then make a douche by adding ten drops of the tea tree/vinegar mixture to 2 cups of previously sterilized or distilled water. Use the douche once a day for about a week. Continue at least a day after all symptoms are gone

Apply a tea tree oil tampon

Take a regular tampon or an applicator tampon and apply either KY type jelly or Olive Oil (This is to avoid the tampon absorbing the Tea Tree Oil), then add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to the tampon and insert. Leave in for about an hour. Continue at least a day after all symptoms are gone

Using a natural tea tree oil treatment method takes longer than using drugs…but I believe that the health risks associated with over the counter drugs are not worth it if we can use a more natural approach.

This is your call though.

If you feel the symptoms are getting worse, you should have your doctor diagnose you…perhaps your vulvovaginitis is just a symptom of a more serious problem, like STD’s or even diabetes. Women with diabetes develop vaginitis more frequently than other women

Some women are more prone to vaginitis than others, and there are a variety of reasons that this can happen. An irregular PH balance, immune deficiency and even a lack of essential nutrients.

Many have found success at preventing vaginitis using a few simple products available where I purchase my Tea Tree Oil. If you would like more information, contact me and I’ll gladly let you know what those products are and where you can get them.


If you are done reading about vaginitis, head back to the yeast infection page

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