What types of eczema can be treated with tea tree oil?

Not all types of eczema can be successfully treated with tea tree oil. But it can certainly help with many of the symptoms.

Eczema is a form of dermatitis. A general term given to skin inflammations with several other symptoms like rashes, swelling, dryness, flaking, blistering and bleeding.

Here is a pretty complete list of types of eczema.

  • Atopic - The most common form

  • Contact - When skin comes in contact with an irritant

  • Varicose - Affects lower legs and ankles and is caused by poor circulation

  • Discoid - Usually affects the arms and legs of middle aged men

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  • Hand - Can be caused by excessive hand washing, contact with chemicals or even latex gloves

  • Nummular - Causes round patches of irritated skin on the arms, legs and chest area

  • Asteatotic - Causes cracks in the skin, usually lower legs to begin with and generally in the elderly

  • Stasis - Greatly resembles Varicose Dermatitis but is a more severe version

  • Lichem Simplex Chronicus - Is a reaction to continually scratching the same skin area

  • Seborrheic - Referred to as cradle cap in babies or can resemble dandruff in adults

  • Dyshidrotic - Usually characterized by tiny pustules on he hands and feet

  • Pompholyx - Same as Dyshidrotic dermatitis

  • Napkin or Diaper Rash - Generally caused byu prolonged contact with fesces or urine

I've also first hand seen my wife get breast eczema. This usually occurs in the beginning of breast feeding and is usually due to the fact that new mothers are not used to breast feeding, so might not always adopt the correct technique.

Another occurrence of breast eczema might be a sign of Paget disease of the nipple. In this instance there is almost always an underlying breast cancer.

If you do have breast eczema, and the symptoms don't go away in a short period of time, I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor in as short a time possible.

Many of these types of eczema or dermatitis can simply be prevented though.

In the event that you do have one or other of these types of eczema, tea tree oil might be able to help.

The unique properties of tea tree oil act in a powerful way on irritated skin that is due to bacterial or viral infection.

It will help heal the infected skin while leaving the healthy skin unaffected. It is the the most effective natural wide spectrum disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral agent known.

What? You mean you missed that part about it being preventable?

Yes, in many cases most forms of dermatitis can be prevented.

How you ask?

Well mostly by giving our bodies the total nutrition it needs. The best way would be to eat enough of a variety of fruits and vegetable, grains, meats and dairy products to satisfy our body's needs.

But seriously, in todays world we have a few problems when it comes to eating well.

  1. Most foods today are vitamin and mineral deficient, due to poor growing conditions and chemicals

  2. We don't have time to eat as well as we should

  3. We like junk food. At least that's what it seems like!

So basically what solutions are left?

I'd tell you to go out there and get a multi-vitamin complex with a mineral complex, some Omega 3...

But generally speaking, most available brands out there are just not that absorbable.

What does that mean?

Simply that your body will absorb perhaps 3 to 5% of the essential nutrients from these generic vitamins.

There are some exceptions though.

A good herbologist could most likely provide you with a good supplement.

While they are good, they are not the best. But you might get some interesting results.

I've been using what I consider to be the best vitamins on the market. They have a unique delivery system that makes them highly absorbable.

Nearly 97%!

Since I've been using these vitamins, in conjunction with tea tree oil products, just about all my different types of eczema have gone.

And on another note. I've never felt better!

These vitamins have given me more energy than I've had in a long time.


If you'd like to know more about what products I use, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll gladly tell you more.

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