Tea Tree Oil With Flu, Influenza and Sore Throat

by Catherine

When I get the flu (influenza) or a sore throat, I put a drop of tea tree on the back of my hand and then lick it with my tongue and some saliva.

When the first symptoms of flu or sore throat start to show up this is sure to make a quick fix of it!

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by: Munna

I have read many articles regarding the tea tree oil being good to cure sore throat and many issues like that. I would like to know if there are any scientific proofs for these claiming. Somebody please share more about it. Thanks

Tea tree oil for head lice!!
by: Anonymous

I tried it when my daughter got headlice at school a few weeks ago. I mixed tea tree oil with coconut oil and saturated her hair with the mixture. I also added several drops to my entire bottle of shampoo and shook well. It did the trick for my daughter. And the rest of the family and I use the shampoo to make sure we keep the lice away!!! Also, I hear it's greAt for hair!

I Love Te Tree Oil Too!!!
by: Anonymous

I love the smell of Tea Tree Oil and use it in my homemade toothpaste! I'm not dead yet. :) AND I have really healthy gums!!!

by: Anonymous

I read that it is toxic if consumed!.. I have heard of it used as a mouth wash but I'd be afraid of swallowing it..

I love the smell of it and it has wonderful purposes as far as astringent. I know it has healing properties as well. I actually put a little on my chest ( like Vicks Vapor-rub) and breath the fumes... It seems to help my stuffiness.

ADMIN note:

Tea tree oil can be toxic if swallowed...but the amounts are FAR more than a few drops. There is no need to worry for any small dose you can get your hands on :-)

I've also read that it can kill lice... Add some to shampoo and leave in hair for about 10 minutes then rinse... It can be drying since it's a natural astringent though so you'll have to condition well afterwards.

Flu, sore throat and influenza?
by: Phil

Wow, I never thought of that!

I personally love the smell of tea tree oil but have never ventured to taste it. Makes sense when you think of the antibaterial properties though.

Thanks for the tip!

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