Tea Tree Oil To Cure A Gum Infection

by Kim
(Washington State)

It was a few years ago when I learned that my mother had been using Tea Tree Oil to combat her gum infection which had also eaten away the flesh around one of her front teeth.

About a month after showing me the chunk of gum that was missing, she opened her mouth and showed it to me and that it had begun growing back.

I was dumfounded when I took a closer look because I could see that the tissue was alive and, indeed, no longer being destroyed. She told me that she was using tea tree oil in water to rinse her mouth and she told me that she used it only once a day.

When I found out that my sister was using tea tree oil a year ago and that it was healing up her gum infection as well I began to wonder whether or not I should give it a try.

Well, about six months later, I began to use it as my sister did which was to rub the oil directly on the affected area but the taste was so horrible that I worked for over an hour to remove it from my mouth. After learning that my mother used one drop to half of a cup of water I duplicated what she did but the taste was still unbearable, though not as tough on me.

I fretted ever using Tea Tree Oil again but just when I was about to give up I began to think about the oils that I had on hand, how they might help with the taste of the oil, and I came up with an idea to try one of them and, voila! Success.

What I did was I used one drop of Peppermint Oil with one drop of Tea Tree Oil to half a cup of water, dipped my brush into the mixture, added toothpaste and brushed my teeth. When I finished cleaning my teeth I rinsed one time with some of the left over water. Within a week, I noticed the infection subsiding and the pain leaving. After two weeks, I noticed I could again bite down on the teeth that were most affected and I also stepped up to rinsing my mouth two to three times a day, morning, noon and night.

I have enjoyed using Peppermint Oil in combination with Tea Tree Oil because it is cooling and soothing to my gums and helps my breath have a more "fresh" taste than plain old Tea Tree Oil gives.

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by: Heidi

Thank you for this advice. I too have had all types of painful expensive treatment for my gum disease. My gums keep flaring up and right now they're so painful I feel like having all my teeth pulled out. I have tea tree oil...im going to go and rub directly onto my gums right now. Thank you.

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