Homemade Soft Scrubber
Tea Tree Oil Recipe

by Emma
(Houston, TX, USA)

I use this tea tree oil recipe to clean tough crusted on messes! Try it out and see...I love this homemade soft scrubber, it's especially good to clean the stove after spaghetti night.


  • 1/2 cup baking soda

  • Liquid detergent or liquid castile soap (Doesn't take much)

  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil and/or 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil


Take a bowl, add the baking soda, slowly pour in liquid soap while stirring (Add only enough liquid soap to make the consistency resemble frosting). Add the essential oils at this point and stir.

Put some of the creamy tea tree soft scrubber mixture on a sponge, scrub and then rinse.

Adding some pure vegetable glycerin to the mixture will keep it moist for a long time in a jar.

Comment by Admin:

Emma, thanks a million for this recipe, it's great, I'll definitely be making this soon! Could come in handy. From the looks of it this could easily become one of my most used tea tree oil recipes. I would even replace the 5 ml of lavender for a full 10 ml of tea tree oil...would probably help cut the grease.

**If anyone tries this tea tree oil recipe feel free to comment about it here!**

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Tea Tree Oil Recipe

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Apr 16, 2015
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by: David M. Mohr

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Mar 11, 2015
by: Catherine

Well, can this be used for removing heavy greasy stains off the clothes without losing the color of the fabric? I have used so many products that are available in the market, but they tend to deteriorate the color and quality. beverly diamonds

Feb 08, 2010
Great Idea Simon - Tea Tree Soft Scrubber With Salt!
by: Admin

I like your idea Simon...adding big grain salt, or even fine grain salt would actually make a lot of sense. Try it out and let us know how that goes.

Thanks for your comment. Don't be shy to leave a recipe of your own if you have one :-)

Feb 08, 2010
Tea Tree Soft Scrubber - Awesome!
by: Simon

Thanks for this tea tree oil recipe...I was looking for just the thing! I usually have to use something like Vim, but don't like using the caustic chemicals...catches in my throat a lot. :-(

I'll definately try this out, might even add some big grain salt to add to the coarseness. What do you think?

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