Have You Been Attacked by the Eczema Monster?
Treat Your Eczema With Natural Tea Tree Oil. It Won't Cure Your Dermatitis, But It Can Offer Excellent Relief From Your Symptoms.

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If you’ve got or had eczema…you know what I mean. The dry skin, sore rashes and the oh so terrible itching! I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

What I’m describing here is the most common form; Atopic Dermatitis. There are many other forms of dermatitis , but we’re not going to delve into those right now. The most common of them is a handful already!

Beat Eczema

Of all the symptoms besides the impossible rashes, breaking skin and secondary infections that are inherent to this condition…one of the worst kinds are often ignored.

The psychological symptoms.

But wait…this IS a skin condition right?

Right you are.

But its psychological impacts are probably just as devastating as the dermatitis itself. If not more!

The guilt. The grief. The shame.

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As a parent we have a tendency to want to always make our kids better and safer. We’re like that with anything when it comes to our kids right? They get hurt…we would gladly take the pain for them. They get rejected by some chums, we’d like to smack those kids to their senses…make them realize the shear luck they have that our kid wants to play with THEM!

It doesn’t work out that way though.

But in most cases our kids get over it pretty easily and so do we.

With eczema it’s not so easy.

Kids are cruel…so they laugh at your child; other adults stare, enquire about his/her skin, and look at you with sympathetic eyes.

None of it helps!

All you ever wanted for your child was a normal life. Go on regular outings, without having to be careful of the sun or worry about the stares. Not have to go through wrappings, or constant application of moisturizers, having to tell them not to scratch (when you know full well that that’s what you would do too!)

I could go on and on…but if you’re here I’m guessing you know the drill.

Luckily, some kids outgrow the condition. Only about 20% though. The other 80% are stuck with it.

Now we would think that for a condition so widespread there would be a cure by now. But that simply is not the case. There is a simple reason for that.

Nobody seems to know what causes it.

As with so many other things in life, this is a mystery.

There are a variety of techniques and products to alleviate the symptoms and keep it under control, but that’s about it. Nobody has a cure.

Actually a few websites claim to have an eczema natural cure for 29.95$ (You’ve probably already tried those, and now you’re here reading this, so I guess we can imagine the efficacy of the cure)

I certainly don’t claim to have a cure.

I might have a solution though.

If you suffer from eczema, get a copy of my report "beat eczema - 3 simple steps", I reveal the exact strategy I used to rid myself of eczema.

But first let’s cover what we know about this dermatitis.

Some of the possible causes or aggravating factors are:

  • Pollution
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Immune deficiency

So basically everything in life can be the cause of eczema.


But one thing that strikes me when I look at this and some of the research I’ve looked at is that all these possible causes lead back to immune deficiency in some way.

  • Pollution affects the immune system.
  • Allergies are an immune disorder.
  • Stress reduces your immune defences.
  • A low immune system can be passed down from a parent.

Due to the current state of the planet, I think it makes sense. Consider the vitamin and mineral deficient fruits and vegetables we eat. Some studies have stated up to 50% reduction in vitamin and mineral content in our crops due to poor soil quality.

Also look at the way we eat. Even if the fruits and veggies we ate were top notch…how many of us truly eat the necessary variety and quantity needed? I know I don’t.

A good first step is to boost your immune system by a supplemental intake of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Add to that a good Omega 3 supplement and we’re in business!

What role do Omega 3 fatty acids play?

Epidermal cells are known to be very active in the conversion of essential fatty acids into prostaglandin hormones, which determine, to a very significant degree, the smoothness and moistness of the skin, and influence skin conditions such as eczema.

FindArticles: Nutrition and supplementation protocol for afflicted adults Dynamic Chiropractic, Jun 30, 2003, by Meschino, James

Now not just any vitamins will do the trick. You need highly absorbable supplements. This gets you the most bang for your buck because cheap vitamins just don’t get delivered throughout your body.

This still leaves you stuck with the rashes and the sores. That's where the tea tree oil comes in.

I don’t suggest you apply it directly to the rash, as eczema sufferers skin is already highly sensitive, and tea tree oil can react with sensitive skin. So I would suggest two solutions.

  1. Add about 10 drops of tea tree oil to a 2 tablespoons of carrier oil, either olive oil or almond oil, whichever you prefer. Then apply it directly to the affected areas on your body.

  2. Add 5% of tea tree oil to your existing moisturizer. About a teaspoon for every 100ml of moisturizer.

What adding the tea tree oil to your moisturizer will do is create a more penetrating moisturizer, thus delivering the moisturizers properties deep into your skin.

Obviously…there are qualities in moisturizers and you should pick one that works well for you.

I’ve read testimonials of people who have controlled their eczema quite well with tea tree oil enriched moisturizer, but I’ve read better success stories with people who have taken a health boosting approach to this condition.

Basically it all comes down to this.

You’ve tried everything else, why not give this a chance.

No matter what the result, you still come out on top. Ever since I've started taking supplements I feel like a million bucks!

Please keep in mind that taking supplements requires a continuous consumption of the supplements on a daily basis. Ideally your vitamins will be split into AM and PM doses, this will allow your body to better absorb them and eliminate less.

Also, it can take up to 3 months to notice a significant difference. It’s the same with all natural products. Your body needs to have time to absorb these nutrients and put them to work. Be patient, it will pay off.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Do You Have An Eczema Story To Tell?

Do you have eczema and want to share your story? Sometimes letting others know what you are going through can help. Plus others can chime in with helpful tips and advice you might not have thought of!

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I'd also like to provide you with a link to a really good support group for sufferers. They are free to register, you can chat with other people who have eczema and perhaps get some needed support.

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